Unelma kanssani

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Anonymous asked: Still my dream girl! <(^...^)>

Haha far too kind!

Anonymous asked: Grrrr are you just messing with me!? Is it really true? :3 Sorry for bugging you about it, curiosity just kills me. Xl

Haha no worries about the whole bugging me, I don’t mind. I’m serious about it haha no need to deny or lie about it X)

Anonymous asked: Ok well last time you said you haven't done anything with anyone even in the past relationships you were in. You clearly said you were a virgin! I want to know if that is still true!? :3 Lol Kevin is in good company

Haha oh man that was a long time ago. Surprised you still remember such things. Haha and well to answer your question, yes it’s still true. :P
Kevin is a dumbass haha X)



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New Smash Bros Wii U screens featuring Greninja

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